Cold Days

When I decided to leave my jacket on when I got off the bus some nights ago, I knew it has begun. Cold days. It was even colder outside the air conditioned bus.

Elementary school taught us that Philippines being a tropical country, only got two seasons, wet and dry. Well some children would say we got three. I know. That’s odd in all possible ways. But they believe that we actually got fall. That is when trees seem to shed all their leaves at the same time for like no reason at all but to give children fuel for bonfires and moms and cleaners trouble sweeping the yards. But I digress. The season is changing and it’s literally giving me headaches being on the road every night traveling home. The cold that is.

But do not get me wrong. Had I’ve been given a privilege to work from home, all these could be a little more enjoyable. I know. Some people would not consider it a privilege at all, for certainly nobody would want to feel work stress in their very own houses. But one could actually choose it if going to the office and back home is more of a hassle than a necessity, not to mention potentially harmful to their health. We don’t get a lot of cold spells in the Philippines. We are used to the scorching heat both natural and not so natural as some people just won’t take their jackets off under the heat of the sun. Needless to say, we are not very much prepared for cold days. Unless you’re a child. Children really have adorable attitudes. The sun encourages them to play outside and the rain and cold weather encourages them to do pretty much the same.

It’s not raining. I’m already okay with that. At least I won’t have to worry about getting anywhere soaking wet or being stuck somewhere due to flooded roads. But in case you’ll be visiting me at my house, that’s me walking around in my blanket. To state it like some hipster, jackets and sweaters are so mainstream, I use my blanket. -aB


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