Obsessive-Compulsiveness Attack

A favorite author and blogger’s mention of cheap fountain pens available at National Bookstore made me look instantaneously to my newly bought journal and want one. Hadn’t it been midnight, I would’ve gotten up and gone to the nearest shopping mall to buy myself one. That’s me with another obsessive-compulsiveness attack. Yes, it is self-diagnosed like the case in most of us. The disorder’s no longer seen as dreadful these days but rather normal among young professionals at least in a shallow sense. And so this afternoon I went out to accomplish what I planned the night before, buy myself a fountain pen.

My new journal has a loop in its spine to hold a pen. Currently, I’m using a 0.2 technical pen but the barrel’s too thick to fit in. Yes, the perfect excuse to buy yourself a costly fountain pen. So I went out in my Sunday’s worst to go to the nearest mall, a Robinson’s, to buy one. I kept my thick hair unkempt. My apartment is just a stone’s throw away to bother styling. Also, I was wearing my worn out shorts, an old shirt, and equally disheveled pair of flip-flops. Living somewhere near is a valid explanation if somebody’s going  to insist the unwritten dress code inside a shopping mall in any way.

Unfortunately, there’s no National Bookstore branch at Robinson’s. Well, there used to be one until the mall’s patrons moved their whereabouts in another newer mall nearby. I had to settle with Office Warehouse that endorses Schneider pens. I found the quality of the ink and writing point of Schneider pens good, maybe excellent, but unfortunately they come with thick barrels. Not satisfied, I decided to check out the pens in the other mall, an SM by the way.

The National Bookstore’s branch at SM Sta. Rosa offers a wider array of brands of pens. Unfortunately, none of them was as good as a Schneider pen. There were Parker pens but they are outrageously costly a sight of one at home will cause an uproar among people regarding my extravagance. Finally, I decided to check out Schneider pens again this time at the SM Sta. Rosa branch of Office Warehouse. But I just couldn’t bring myself to buying just any pen. I’d rather stick with the one I’m using than settle for another non-perfect one. So I just went down to check out the books at Booksale. I set it as my last stop.

The site of a stack of books always makes me feel at home. No, I really don’t have much but I love reading. With very little space in the apartment, my mom just won’t permit collecting of books for leisurely reading. Fortunately, my eldest sister supports my love for reading and buys me some books from time to time and I also got to buy a number of some interesting paperbacks back in college that I now have a collection that could fill a large storage box.

I got some interesting finds. Dada, the Revolt of Art, 90 pesos, thin pocket-sized soft bound in glossy paper with pictures. I got interested in art movements back in high school; art has always fascinated me. But my teacher left those chapters to us as reading assignments. A quick peek into the small book made me realize that those art pieces that are weird but at the same interesting to me are examples of Dada art.

Weird Pennsylvania, 245 pesos, thick soft bound approximately 10 inches by 10 inches with pictures. I don’t have any plans of visiting Pennsylvania but I love weird stories. I don’t really care if they are true or not. I just want a constant dose of the creeps.

American History, 65 pesos, hard bound standard book size with pictures. I remember borrowing a thick hard bound book entitled The American Pageant from the library back in college just so I’ll have something to read. “Why America?” my sister asked. “Fascinating history.” I replied. A lot of Filipinos are bi-cultural nowadays. Some by choice and some just by certain circumstances. You could even say colonial mentality. As of me? I don’t know. History books have always been my storybook since childhood.

Dungeons and Dragons Worlds and Monsters, 60 pesos, thin soft bound standard magazine size in glossy paper with great illustrations. I always wanted to learn D&D; I was a sucker for fantasy adventures back in high school. But there was no one to teach me how. The drawings inspire me to draw some fantasy creatures though.

Hand Decorating Paper, 60 pesos, thin soft bound standard magazine size in glossy paper with pictures.  A quick peek gave me ideas on how to create unique gift wrappers. Had it been a crime to extract ideas from books you are not going to buy, I’d be in the most wanted list.

Design: Music Websites, 245 pesos, thick soft bound handbook size in glossy paper with pictures of famous musicians’ websites. It’s not the type of book I would actually buy but it gave me the idea of creating my own website now that I’m comfortable with Google apps.

Number of pens bought? Zero. Number of books bought? Zero. Number of books to buy? Five. Ignore the disapproving looks at home. New experience gained? Walking in a mall in your house clothes with your best I-don’t-give-a-shit-about-any-dress-code face. Ideas that popped up? Three. This obsessive-compulsiveness attack had been fruitful.


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