Ed Sheeran
The Man, Ed Sheeran

Okay, so I learned about Ed Sheeran just last November (that is November 2011). With very little spot for new foreign artists in the local radio stations’ playlists, it’s already expected that we’re pretty late on news about budding talents outside the country. In fact, maybe I could even consider myself as one of the earliest common Pinoys to have known him. His video for The A Team just entered the local music channel just lately when the song has already garnered so much recognition and his album has already been certified quadruple platinum.

Nope, I don’t blame media companies for this. It’s business, I understand. You should choose well what to sell. You could only be experimental up to a certain level and that should be it. Still of course, I’m wondering what could it be like if we got access to all sorts of music in leading media at least in the common Filipino households like the television and radio. It seems impossible. But at least we got the internet for that. I frequent sites like BandCamp and NoiseTrade to check out starting musicians and I always get a surprise.

But let’s get back to Ed. I could say that my fascination to Birdy led me to him. After getting to know Birdy by numerous Tumblr posts about her, I began googling her songs and found out that The A Team was a cover of an Ed Sheeran original. At first I was like “Who’s this Ed Sheeran? Is he some old artist I don’t know?” I was like that because I knew Fire and Rain which was also covered by Birdy was a James Taylor song and I got to know James Taylor because of my parents. But I was surprised to know that I’m actually more than a year older than Ed. He was born 1991 and is already a well recognized artist now. The moment I found that out, the frustrated musician in me looked up to heaven teary eyed and said “That’s not fair!”

But moving on, I would agree with everybody that Ed is brilliant. He deserves all the recognition that he is getting. I think he could be one of those artists whose albums are something that you would always look forward to. By that I mean he could be really one of those artists who could release a new album which you will look forward to listening even if you totally don’t know any of the songs. Because, let us admit it, as common listeners listening to a particular album at the first time may not be the most enjoyable moment of listening to that album. I don’t think that would be the case for an Ed Sheeran album. May he continue to please our ears.

Below is another video for The A Team which appeared in my facebook news feed just this morning. You could visit his site at edsheeran.com.


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