ben howard at latitude festival

to be honest with everybody, i never knew Ben Howard until a tumblr post about this cover of him of a carly rae jepsen song found its way to my dashboard this morning. and well it was a great one. to tell you about it, just last night i heard jepsen’s version on my way home and i just ignored it. it’s not that i hate it. i’m just not into it. no this is not an excuse so that everybody would think that i have great respect to other people’s music. although i would love everybody to think about me that way, i must say that it’s just it. i’m just not fond of the song like most people are. after all i prefer songs which are pretty downbeat. it’s probably the reason why i enjoyed this cover.

ben howard gave it a new flavor. he owned it. i must say that very few artists could experiment on covers and come up with great results. ben howard could be one of them because of this song. try listening to it.

check out his website at


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