At around 5:26 PM, the man’s body hit the granite stairs. Bald. Probably late fifties. Glasses. Neatly combed hair. Designer suit. Red trench coat. Lifeless. That’s what they gathered from the eyewitnesses and a girl who happened to be vlogging at the area. Imagine waving to your 10 subscribers then a man drops dead behind … Continue reading Red

The Undisclosed Patronuses (Patroni? Patronopodes?)

I googled it. Our good friend said that the book used “patronuses". But I often enjoy playing with words so there you go, I'm giving you options. The patronus they say takes the form of an animal that has a special affinity with the caster. But what if the caster doesn’t have very good qualities? … Continue reading The Undisclosed Patronuses (Patroni? Patronopodes?)

Dumb Review: Ang Larawan (9/10) This year's Christmas movie (which may not at all be about Christmas and only means I watched it on Christmas day) is Loy Arcenas' Ang Larawan. I gave it an express rating of 9/10. If you care to know, an express rating is a quick rating I record the moment I exit the theater. … Continue reading Dumb Review: Ang Larawan (9/10)